Sal M. Martinez

narc - convictions of a dea agent

Author • DEA Special Agent •
Texas State Trooper • Federal Inmate
• Prison Consultant• Bail Bondsman

“I have experienced the extremes of the American criminal justice system.”

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There have been many books written by former law enforcement officers and undercover agents. None of them can compare their experiences to what I went through. I confiscated more illicit drugs and made more arrests than most. I implemented investigative techniques that few were willing to use. I would do anything necessary for the DEA to fight the good fight!

The Juarez Cartel was operating with impunity as the inept Mexican law enforcement agencies ignored the nefarious activities. There was no American law enforcement presence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, until I was told to cross the line. I violated the sovereignty of Mexico and operated under the radar for the U.S. government. I observed brutal tortures, conducted illegal wiretaps, and coordinated investigations with the federales utilizing tactics by the Mexican version of the War on Drugs. During this time, I looked into the barrel of an AK-47 on several occasions only to be saved by Divine intervention.

The government I nearly died for turned it’s back on me. The FBI set me up with a Murder for Hire federal charge with my own informant. If the government wants you, it will get you! I know this because I did it as an undercover agent. I was not totally innocent but I was not totally guilty. I never got to tell my side of the story until now.

I provide insight into the mind of an ambitious crime fighter, describe actual criminal investigations, and educate the reader with firsthand knowledge of our criminal justice system. I detail the rigors of incarceration as a cop in “the joint” avoiding the men I sent to prison. Then, I describe the difficulties of my road to redemption labeled as a convicted felon. I was punished with a life sentence.